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New Hire Training

First-time Homebuyers


This local Housing Authority addresses the needs of those families that required basic housing. With over 4500 families in need of a homes in Colorado, the Housing Authority requested a program to provide basic family finance with each new applicant. The approval was contingent upon successfully completing this 6 module course. It covered basic information on budgeting, cash flow, managing credit, banking, and savings.


Mended Wings designed and developed a New Hire Program for a nonprofit web service provider. The program consisted of 5 Course, 12 modules and 4 assessments. Each year over 40 new hires successfully complete this online course.

"The New Hire Course ensures that all employees are thoroughly familiar with our culture, goals and objectives. We have employees in North America, Europe and the Far East and this training makes us feel like one, large family. The course has been a real success."
- Jenna White - HR Director


Local Law Enforcement leaders required an ethics and community sensitivity training program for new police cadets. The program covered 6 weeks, offered 8 courses and 24 modules with 4 assessments. In the first year, over 78 cadets successfully graduated from this course and were employed as fully-fledged peace officers.

"We provide the First-time home buyer with this free course. In the first year we had 198 successful applicants and the data has proved that we have reduced the default rate by over 32%. Our applicants find it easy, multilingual and informative."
- Ben Peters -