building respect..... one learner at a time



Established in 2015, Mended Wings exists to ensure that learners reach their dreams. This team of experts and advisers provide content tailored to each outcome. Our programs are based on proven educational standards that deliver outstanding results. Mended Wings' learning engineers design, develop, deploy and evaluate all training to achieve pre-determined outcomes of success. Our proven success has been recognized across the globe by over 26 for-profit and not-for-profit organizations including schools, companies, public sector, NGOs, governments, agencies and relief organizations.

Professor Dr. Barry Thompson leads Mended Wings and overseas all aspects of the educational services provided. Mended Wings works closely with their clients to ensure learning objectives are clearly defined,  programs are appropriate to the learner, assessments are completed and outcomes are analyzed to ensure our commitment to each learner.

To us, education is more than helping explain math formulas or learning  studying habits. It is about providing encouragement, listening, and showing that learning is the ladder to short, we exist to change lives.

Dr. Barry Thompson is an international businessman, adjunct professor, consultant, speaker, coach and author. He has consulted to various organizations including IBM, British Telcom, SAP, Choice Hotels, Oracle, and U-Haul. He is a highly rated public speaker, having addressed many for-profit and non-profit groups around the world including a Select Committee for the British Parliament. Barry has a MA from Oxford University and Colorado Christian University as well as Liberty University. He holds four degrees in organizational leadership, theology, instructional design and a doctorate in Educational Leadership. Barry is also an adjunct professor in business leadership.
Thompson was born in Alaska and spent 26 years in South Africa. Barry has global expertise and specializes in fast-growing, emerging companies seeking global expansion. His book, "Confidence-Driven Living", addresses how to significantly improved performance through improved confidence.